Level One Program

Level One Program
Level One Outpatient Services
Treatment  services must be individually tailored to fit the needs of each person affected by a substance use disorder.  Each person has different needs when it comes to substance abuse treatment.  When patients first enter rehab, it is important that they are assigned to the proper level of care.

This approach to treatment, or continuum of care, ensures that clients receive adequate care on admission and are smoothly transitioned to a higher or lower level of care as needed.  Level One Outpatient services require clients to attend regularly scheduled meetings.  This level of care allows clients to carry on with their routine while receiving face-to-face services with licensed/certified professionals.
Level One care includes evaluation, treatment, and recovery follow-up services.  It addresses the severity to of the individual's addiction, helps implement behavioral changes and ameliorates mental functioning.  It can be a stepping stone for people who are not ready or willing to commit to a complete recovery program.
Individuals may attend services once to three times a week.

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