Survivor’s Workshop

Survivor’s Workshop

Survivor's Workshop Therapy Program

The Survivor's Workshop is designed to assist clients in recognizing and understanding "core issues" that are often barriers to recovery. These issues often involve childhood trauma and abuse and can be a hidden source of relapse. Once these issues are confronted, the healing process can begin as the client recognize and experiences the intense emotions associated with childhood trauma.

The Survivor's Workshop consists of three phases:
  1. The Educational Phase teaches clients about the nature of their boundary system and how boundary violations affect their growth from childhood to adulthood.

  2. The Experiential Phase allows the client to revisit the abusive "less than" experiences and process those feeling that are uncovered. This is with the guidance of an individual counselor.

  3. The Shame to Grace Phase focuses on a personal recovery plan and identifies ways to continue building a successful recovery program.
The Survivor's Workshop also focuses on family of origin issues such as codependency, the nature of abuse, parenting styles, post inductions therapy, and personal recovery. 

Private Insurance

We accept most private insurances. Give us a call to verify benefits. 
Medicaid • No Insurance
We accept Medicaid and offer programs for individuals without insurance.
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