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Are you looking for a comfortable, welcoming treatment center dedicated to helping you or your loved one overcome a drug or alcohol addiction? Consider Recovery Place in Savannah, GA, a special place of healing. With over 30 years of experience and more than 45 licensed and credentialed clinicians, you can count on our compassionate and professional team. We offer both in-person and virtual care recovery services. With the addition of virtual technology, individuals can use their smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, or any device with an internet connection and camera to participate from the convenience of your home.

About Recovery Place in Savannah, GA

Our renowned substance abuse treatment center offers patients mental health services, a personalized treatment plan for substance abuse, and so much more. Our treatment center is located in the heart of beautiful Savannah, GA. Since 1985, we have helped over 20,000 individuals successfully complete their treatment programs. We are fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and have been named a “best practices model facility,” setting the standard for behavioral health and substance abuse treatment centers all over the country.

Why Choose Recovery Place For Substance Abuse Treatment?

As the only comprehensive behavioral health and substance abuse treatment provider in the region, our programs are designed to help our clients acquire the courage and the skills necessary to begin a new life. Our team of qualified professionals provides a variety of evidence-based treatment models, both in-person and virtually, that can help improve the lives of each patient and the lives of those around them who may also be suffering from the patient's addiction. We work every day to enrich the lives of our clients while ensuring that they receive the tools necessary to cope with their substance use disorder and mental health problems.

Our Comprehensive Behavioral Health Services

At Recovery Place, we offer behavioral health services that include substance use disorder detoxification services, day treatment, residential services, mental health services, virtual addiction treatment and recovery support services, and long-term recovery residences. Our detox program helps manage the physical withdrawal process, while the 28-day residential program assists patients who need short-term, intensive care. Our rehabilitation program includes individual counseling and group therapy. We also provide services geared towards families, such as our eight-week educational program. Our other services include the following:

  • Virtual Care and Recovery Support Services – Through Zoom, we can provide our valued clients with virtual care and recovery support.
  • Survivor’s Workshop Therapy Program – This workshop is designed to assist clients in recognizing and understanding “core issues” that are often barriers to recovery. These issues often involve childhood trauma and abuse and can be a hidden source of relapse.
  • Professional Resource Program – This program provides individuals in safety-sensitive positions with advocacy, primary treatment, and extended monitoring. Professionals include pilots, pharmacists, nurses, doctors, veterinarians, dentists, and more.
  • Individual & Family Counseling – We provide individualized services to adults, couples, and families to address issues such as eating disorders, substance use disorders, depression, anxiety, OCD, stress management, gambling, anger management, trauma, marital issues, family conflict, relapse prevention, unresolved grief, and other co-occurring disorders.
  • Recovery Place Community Services – Our services are offered Monday through Friday, morning and evening hours. We focus on social interaction skills and skill-building exercises.
  • Women’s Services – This program provides substance abuse treatment. It removes barriers for pregnant women and women with dependent children suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.
  • Men’s Residential Services – We offer transitional housing for men with substance abuse issues. This structured environment enables men to focus on recovery with professional assistance.
  • Level One Outpatient Services – This part-time outpatient program is designed to help our clients transition into or out of a more intensive rehabilitation plan.

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For premier substance abuse and mental health services administration in Savannah, GA, we hope you’ll choose Recovery Place. We offer mental health online services, virtual addiction treatment and recovery support, and so much more. Contact us today to schedule a tour and take the first step toward a new and healthy life. We take all insurance except Medicare.



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