Is Long-Term Residential Treatment the Best Solution for You?

What Is Long-Term Residential Treatment?

Many methods are available to treat substance abuse disorders, but often the most effective treatment is long-term residential rehab. With this treatment, clients reside at the facility for six to 24 months. Care and supervision are provided on a 24-hour basis. At first, detoxification is required to clear the body of drugs or alcohol. After this phase, clients move on to receive a long-term treatment plan. In the safe, substance-free environment of long-term treatment, they’re able to begin developing positive new habits. Clients receive therapy and care to help them address the underlying issues that led to addiction, identify destructive patterns, accept responsibility for their actions, and learn strategies for maintaining their sobriety.

Recovery Place in Savannah, GA, provides long-term treatment to clients who are pursuing recovery from addiction. Contact us to learn more about our treatments for substance abuse and our behavioral health services.

What to Expect in Long-Term Treatment

When a client first comes to Recovery Place for long-term treatment, they first go through drug or alcohol detoxification. Detox usually takes between 5-14 days, although each person is different. After detoxification, clients begin adjusting to their surroundings. Long-term rehab facilities offer clients a structured environment with a clear daily schedule that gives them a simple, easy-to-follow routine. This allows individuals to focus on the process of recovery without being distracted by the demands and distractions normally encountered in daily life outside rehab. Appropriate treatment and therapy are provided, and as clients progress in their recovery, they’re gradually allowed more freedom and permitted to have visitors. Eventually, they’re able to leave the facility for activities like AA or NA meetings.

Who Should Utilize Long-Term Residential Rehab?

Long-term treatment centers are often the best option for people who have had substance abuse problems for a long time and who have tried other programs without success. Individuals who are coping with another mental health diagnosis, like bipolar, depression, or borderline personality disorder, in addition to their addiction also generally experience better results with long-term care. Each person is different, however, which is why it’s important to seek help from a qualified long-term drug or alcohol treatment center that can provide a full range of treatments. At Recovery Place in Savannah, GA, our highly qualified team of licensed and certified clinicians is dedicated to helping each client receive the most effective treatment to help them overcome their addiction. Contact us for more information about our services, or to schedule a tour of our facility.  

Benefits of Long-Term Residential Rehab

When a person is struggling with an addiction, they have many treatment options, but long-term residential rehab consistently produces better outcomes for lasting recovery. Other benefits include:

  • The carefully structured environment helps clients establish positive new routines and a healthy lifestyle.
  • People are able to form positive relationships with others they can relate to who are also recovering from addiction.
  • Distractions are kept to a minimum, so clients can focus on their recovery instead of on dealing with daily stressors or temptations.
  • Clients receive intensive support from facility staff and fellow residents, and help is available at all times.
  • Individuals who have been unsuccessful with other treatments have fewer relapses after long-term rehab.

Why Choose Recovery Place?

At Recovery Place in Savannah, GA, clients can depend upon receiving treatment from a compassionate team of licensed and credentialed clinicians. We’ve been providing comprehensive services formental health and substance abuse since 1985. Our services include group therapy, family therapy, relapse prevention, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and 12-step recovery programs.

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Substance abuse and mental illness affect many people. Left untreated, these conditions can negatively affect relationships and careers, but treatment can stop these issues from progressing further. At Recovery Place, we help clients overcome their addictions and heal from mental health disorders. Contact us today for more information.

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