Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Treatment at Recovery Place

What Is Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Treatment?

When a person’s drug use has turned into abuse and addiction, it can interfere with every aspect of their life. Drug abuse rehabilitation treatment offers professional help for people who are struggling to overcome drug abuse and addiction. The severity of their addiction determines many factors about treatment, including whether or not the client should receive treatment on a residential or outpatient basis.

Often, a person must first undergo detoxification before they can move on to other forms of treatment. After that, people receive a variety of treatments and therapies created to help them identify the causes of their behavior and stop it. Effective drug abuse rehabilitation treatment also includes teaching people how to deal with their addiction after rehab to ensure they don’t relapse and take up their old habits. Recovery is an ongoing process for those who have substance abuse disorders, and effective treatments help people learn new strategies to deal with the situations and circumstances that once led them to abuse drugs. At Recovery Place, we’re committed to providing services and programs that help people succeed in their efforts to become and stay sober. Contact us for more information.

Types of Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Treatment

Every addiction story is unique to the person who lives it, and professional drug abuse rehabilitation centers provide personalized treatment. Treatments often depend upon the severity of the addiction, but generally, drug abuse rehabilitation offers:

  • Detoxification to remove the drugs or alcohol from the body. If necessary, medication can ease the symptoms of withdrawal.
  • Residential treatment, when a person stays in a facility for anywhere from a few weeks to a year.
  • Outpatient treatment provides treatment without requiring a person to stay in a facility. This option allows people to continue with their normal daily activities, like working.
  • Therapy programs help individuals with evidence-based treatments designed to help them understand the causes of the addiction and identify alternative ways to cope with stressors and temptations.

Causes of Drug Abuse

Drug addiction is a prevalent disease, affecting millions of United States citizens. When people become addicted, the urge to use is so powerful that people continue using drugs despite the negative consequences they experience. Drug abuse usually has many causes. It may begin with an early exposure to drugs or alcohol, or when parental guidance is lacking or absent. Genetics may also play a role, predisposing some to addiction. When people suffer from other mental health conditions, they may turn to drugs in an effort to find relief. If a person is in an environment that encourages drug use, either because of stress or peer pressure, that eventually can result in drug abuse.

At Recovery Place, our services and programs are designed to help clients identify the root causes of addiction and develop coping strategies to live drug-free lives. Contact us to learn more about our services and programs.

Benefits of Drug Abuse Rehabilitation

When a person has developed a drug abuse problem, it can take over their life, rendering them unable to function normally. Drug abuse rehabilitation offers people a path toward sobriety. Residential or outpatient therapy provides individuals with much-needed help to understand their behavior. Treatment also helps people find alternative methods to handle stress and uncomfortable situations that might otherwise lead back to drug abuse. With professional guidance in a high-quality drug abuse rehabilitation center, people receive vital support to help them achieve and maintain sobriety.

Why Choose Recovery Place?

At Recovery Place in Savannah, GA, our team of licensed and credentialed clinicians are fully prepared to help you pursue recovery from drug addiction. With a wide range of programs and services designed to support both the person in treatment and their family, Recovery Place offers services and programs that can help people return to productive, healthy lives. We offer virtual services, outpatient and residential treatment, and many other services that can help put you on the road to recovery.

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