Residential & Outpatient Rehabilitation Center in Savannah, GA

Because each of our clients’ circumstances vary, our rehabilitation center offers a wide range of treatment options to best accommodate their specific needs. The experienced professionals at Recovery Place will guide you through our admissions process and help you work toward a lasting solution.


Upon arrival at our facility, clients undergo a screening process to identify the appropriate level of care for their needs. While we do our best to accommodate each individual in need of rehabilitation services, some may have unique needs that require special attention. We encourage you to contact us to speak with an admissions coordinator before your visit and determine if Recovery Place offers the best solution for your needs.

What to Bring

All clients are required to bring the following items to their assessment appointment:

  • Driver’s license or other ID
  • Insurance card, if applicable
  • Pharmacy or medication cards
  • List of all current medications, including over-the-counter and vitamins
  • The name, address, and phone number of current and previous therapists and doctors

We will provide a list of other items we recommend you bring to Recovery Place based on the program in which you’re enrolled. Our staff searches all belongings to maintain safety.

What Cannot Be Brought to our Residential and Outpatient Programs

Payment Information

When choosing a treatment center, cost can be an important deciding factor. At Recovery Place, we offer programs for individuals who have private insurance, Medicaid, or no insurance. There are no hidden costs and no surprises. We provide up-front information to ensure the integrity of our services.

Private Insurance

Admitting a Patient

Checking on a Patient

At Recovery Place, we take pride in offering Savannah, GA area residents with compassionate, effective care for their substance abuse and behavioral treatment disorders. Call us today at (912) 963-1184 to schedule a tour of our rehabilitation center.

Our Location

835 E. 65th St.
Savannah , GA 31405