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A person suffering from withdrawal symptoms from Substance abuse in Savannah, GA.

Recovery Place provides a welcoming, comfortable space for you or your loved one to address issues like substance abuse, alcoholism, and related mental health disorders. Our services are uniquely designed to facilitate the recovery process and help our patients successfully complete their treatment programs. We offer a variety of treatment plans to accommodate the ever-changing needs of our patients.

Our knowledgeable team utilizes a wide range of programs to suit your individual journey, including group therapy, family therapy, trauma-informed services, experiential psychotherapy, relapse prevention, spirituality, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), medication management, aftercare, and 12-step recovery programs.

Recovery Place Assessments

The first step is to meet with a counselor for an assessment. The counselor will discuss the problems you are having and ask you questions related to the nature of your problems. They will evaluate your physical, psychological, and emotional health. Your assessment will take approximately 60 to 90 minutes. Depending on the problems you are facing, we have clinical staff who will complete any one of a variety of assessments. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment
  • SAP assessment
  • Probation assessment
  • DUI clinical evaluation
  • Family violence assessment
  • Anger management assessment
  • Substance use disorder assessment
  • Suicide risk assessment

If treatment is advised, we will assist you with admission to one of our programs or recommend other recovery assistance options.

Recovery Place Services

  • Acute Detoxification Programs. This treatment plan helps patients safely navigate the potentially dangerous process of substance withdrawal. You will receive a customized, non-restrictive Plan of Care that aims to enhance your empowerment and well-being.
  • 28-Day Residential Programs. We offer an intensive 28-day residential program for patients wishing to focus solely on their healing process in a structured setting. Patients reside in a downtown condominium just a few steps away from our treatment centers and 12-step support meetings.
  • Intensive Outpatient Rehabilitation. Our intensive outpatient (IOP) rehabilitation program allows our clients to receive our signature recovery therapies in a style that fits into their everyday lives. IOP may be especially helpful for patients who do not require medical supervision. Services include crisis stabilization, education, individual counseling, and group therapy.
  • Level One Outpatient Program. This part-time treatment plan is geared towards patients that are transitioning in or out of a more intensive program. Schedules consist of regular meetings with our staff, who provide evaluations and treatment plans on a customized basis.
  • Family Program. The family program provides a safe space for the loved ones of a patient struggling with addiction. Family members can discuss topics like boundaries and communication with licensed professionals. 
  • Survivors’ Workshop Therapy Program. This program is designed for patients with specific core issues that are impeding their recovery, such as childhood abuse, neglect, or trauma.
  • Professional Resource Program. This course of treatment was developed for patients in safety-sensitive professions, including pilots, doctors, nurses, veterinarians, dentists, and pharmacists.
  • Individual & Family Counseling. These general counseling services are available to all members of the local community and address issues like eating disorders, depression, anxiety, OCD, gambling, anger management, family conflict, and marital troubles.
  • Recovery Place Community Services. We offer ASAM outpatient care for individuals simultaneously dealing with substance abuse and other mental health disorders in a state-contracted substance abuse treatment facility.
  • Women’s Services. This program offers gender-specific substance abuse treatment for patients that identify as female, pregnant women, and women with dependent children who suffer from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Men’s Residential Services. We provide a safe, structured community for men seeking to address substance abuse issues in transitional housing.


Why Choose Recovery Place?

Recovery Place has been serving the local community of Savannah for more than three decades. Our caring team includes more than 45 mental health professionals dedicated to bettering the lives of their patients.


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Our substance abuse services at Recovery Place can help you or your loved one address addiction and begin your journey to recovery. Call our friendly team today to learn more about our program assessments or to schedule a tour of our facility. Please be advised that we take all insurance except Medicare.

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