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What Is Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

Residential drug treatment or residential alcohol treatment provides care for people who need more intensive treatments for their substance abuse disorders. In these programs, clients reside at a facility while they go through treatment. Residential services can be short-term or long-term. During a stay at a residential drug or alcohol rehab, people receive behavioral health services along with 24-hour care in a safe, controlled, non-hospital facility. When a person has experienced repeated problems with drug or alcohol addiction, or if they have additional mental health issues, a residential program may be the best option for them to receive the level of care they need.

Recovery Place in Savannah, GA, provides residential alcohol treatment and residential drug treatment. When you request our help, we’ll carefully evaluate your condition and recommend appropriate care, whether that’s a residential program or outpatient treatment. Contact us today to learn more about the services and programs we provide and how we can help you regain and maintain your sobriety.

Services Included in Residential Treatment Programs

Each person’s journey with addiction and treatment is unique, and at Recovery Place, we create a treatment plan tailored to each individual. While each person’s experience is different, most residential drug abuse programs and alcohol residential treatment provide services like:

  • Detoxification
  • Behavioral therapy, like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Medical-assisted treatment
  • Support groups
  • Family or couples counseling
  • Developing positive strategies for dealing with life after treatment
  • Continuing care plans

Residential drug rehab or alcoholism treatment helps with every aspect of recovery, from detoxification to learning effective ways to cope with the temptation to drink or use drugs. At Recovery Place, our residential programs allow clients to immerse themselves in the recovery process in a safe environment that provides the structure and care needed for successful treatment.

Benefits of Residential Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

A residential drug treatment program is the preferred option for people who have moderate to severe addictions, those who have additional mental health conditions, and individuals who’ve attempted other forms of treatment unsuccessfully. Clients who are at high risk for severe withdrawal symptoms also benefit from residential treatment, where they can be monitored. Other benefits include:

  • Around-the-clock care and supervision
  • A structured environment that prevents stress and temptation
  • A wide range of treatment and therapy options
  • Supportive peers and care professionals

Why Choose Recovery Place?

When you choose Recovery Place in Savannah, GA, you’re making an important step toward recovery. Our team of licensed and credentialed clinicians has extensive experience with alcohol and drug rehabilitation, having helped thousands of people complete treatment programs. We understand the difficulties and challenges of addiction, not only for the individual but for their friends and family. We’re the only comprehensive behavioral health and substance abuse treatment provider in the Savannah area, and our team is dedicated to helping people receive the care they need to overcome substance abuse.

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With the professional, compassionate care at Recovery Place, we can help you begin your journey toward sobriety. Untreated addiction to alcohol or drugs often ends with lives and relationships destroyed, but those unfortunate outcomes can be avoided with effective, professional treatment. We provide a wide range of substance abuse and mental health services, including virtual care, individual and family counseling, and residential and outpatient programs. Contact us today for more information.

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