Detox Program in Savannah, GA

How Long Does Detox Take?

In the context of recovery, detox generally refers to the period of time it takes for harmful substances to exit the body. This process often includes the complications of withdrawal, which is why many choose to detox as part of a treatment program. So how long does detox take?

What A Detox Program Looks Like

After using addictive substances, the brain adapts and begins to rely on the drug to maintain a chemical balance. Because of this, detox must be performed carefully, as the brain is undergoing alterations in its chemical and physical pathways. Removing substances too quickly can result in withdrawal symptoms that can be dangerous and life threatening. Detox treatment weans patients off of addictive substances as slowly as necessary to minimize these symptoms and allow the brain to recover.

Factors of Detox Duration

The duration of time that a detox program may take is dictated by the factors at play during the period of addiction. For example, for patients who were addicted to more than one drug concurrently, the withdrawal timeline may be extended. Patients who have a higher level of dependence will also generally have longer detox. Furthermore, patients with any compounding conditions such as medical or mental health conditions or uncommon biological or genetic predispositions should have a program carefully designed for them, and it may require a longer recovery.

Choosing Outpatient or Inpatient

Generally, detoxification programs can range from five to ten days. Because of this length, it’s important to ensure that the patient is comfortable and safe for the duration. Although outpatient detox may seem more appealing for the loved ones of patients, inpatient detox is the best way to ensure that vital signs are closely monitored around the clock, and that trained professionals are available at any moment. Because acute withdrawal symptoms can result in lifelong damage, many opt to spend the duration of their detox in an inpatient facility for safety and then opt for an outpatient 12-step program to follow.

Choosing a comfortable and professional facility for detox helps to ensure comfort and safety. To learn about the detoxification programs at Recovery Place, call us at (912) 355-1440 today.